In which we wonder at how cryptocurrencies appear to relive every type of financial fraud, instability and weakness but at an accelerated speed and what it could mean for the rest of us.
In which we dig deeper into what creative leadership means and how it can be perceived by different stages of adult development.
In which we discuss various organizational styles and how they apply to products that require the presence of very different kind of talent.
In which we riff on job transitions, their meanings, their risks, their values.
In which we marvel at how the translation of "making sense" in different languages appears to uncover default modalities of mean making.
In which we ponder about the strategy of our own life choices and how they can look to others depending on various factors often hidden and illegible.
In which we take a look at how the pandemic has given us an opportunity to be intentional about physical co-presence
In which we wax poetic about the meaning of constructing structures with sand and software
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Stefano’s Linotype